Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: False Hearts: A Novel

False Hearts: A Novel False Hearts: A Novel by Laura Lam
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can I tell you how much I LOVE this book???? Because I do - I really, really do! I don't know how there could be more added to it, but I want more... Millions and millions of more stories about Taema and Tila, about the adventures that they will get up to now that they each know so much more about the other.

Taema proves time and time again that she will go to any lengths to protect her sister, the person who had been her other half until they were separated upon their arrival in the outside world from their cult home of Mana's Hearth. They shared everything for the first sixteen years of their lives be being conjoined twins, unable to truly have one moment of complete solitude as the other was always there. It was amazing to read a tale that seemed so vibrant about the possibilities of the future, in a world where something like conjoined twins would no longer exist due to the vast advances in medical science.

Appearances, sexuality, all are very fluid in this world. Virtual reality drugs have made crime almost nonexistent. Amazing that an organized crime group could possibly exist in such an idyllic society, but there always seems to be a way in EVERY utopian world.

False Hearts is thrilling! It promises intrigue, and it delivers!!!! Laura Lam has delivered a world that I loved and found myself dreaming of even when I put the book down to go to sleep. I would devour anything that was like this novel, beautifully written with characters that captured my attention and didn't let go even when I reached the final page. I highly recommend this one - 5 stars and two enthusiastic thumbs up!!!!

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