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Review: Chasing Fireflies

Chasing Fireflies Chasing Fireflies by Taylor Dean
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received my copy of this eBook in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I have loved every part of The Power of the Matchmaker series. They've all been sweet, and wholesome with enough suggestion to fuel any love story. Not all romances need to be tawdry affairs, and not all clean romances need to be preachy and spiritual. This series is an example of one that is the perfect amount of fluffy courtships when you've had your fill of the rogues and rakes of the more torrid and steamy romances.

Chasing Fireflies was a one sitting book! I couldn't put it down until I had finished it, and that doesn't happen as often as you would think nowadays! I felt like I was reading about myself for a very long time. Savannah Tate is so similar in personality to me that I felt so connected to her in mere pages of reading and the hope that I had for her to find her happy ending held on until the very end. I had guessed at her life changing news, what she perceived as being the "broken" part of her long before the book gave its answers to us. It couldn't be that she is a shy introvert because she is accepting and loving of that viewpoint from the very beginning. It's very rare that I find a heroine who is like me in that regard and so aptly explains what it feels like to be an introvert. It's not that we don't like the interaction with other people, it's that we need to recharge afterwards because it is so draining on us emotionally and physically. It's rare that anyone gets this right, so kudos to you Taylor Dean for an accurate portrayal of an introvert!

The thought niggles. And burrows. Forages in my heart. I don't let it take root. I don't plan on letting bitterness overcome me.

No, instead I need to find the real Paul. He's out there somewhere, I just know it.

Savannah has been through the ringer by this point. She has broken relationships, with limited interactions with males unless they are named 'Paul' all because of a chance meeting with Miss Pearl when she was a young girl. Searching far and wide for her 'Paul' finds her as an English teacher on exchange to China. She makes great friends but definitely meets the love of her life - there's only one problem - his name isn't Paul! Julian is PERFECT for Savannah, it's something that you can tell from the moment that they first meet. He is definitely drawn to her from first meeting, but Savannah is so set on her search for Paul that she doesn't seem to pay him that much attention.

When the Paul she thought she had come to China to find turns out to be a cad who wanted no more than whatever physical comforts she could have offered, it's Julian who helps heal her heart and it's then that the great love affair between them begins.

He sets his glass down. "I've liked you from the moment I met you. You were so quiet, yet I could physically feel your presence, like there was a force in the room pulling me towards you. That's never happened to me before."

Touched, I don't know what to say. Instead, I swallow and it turns into a gulp.

His eyes bore into mine as he says, "My answer is a big, fat, huge yes. I want there to be something between us."

This was a sweet tale, where the heroine learns she is stronger than the she ever appears and that sometimes the best coincidences bring you down the path to love. I loved reading from Savannah's perspective, I think the story would have lost something if we had jumped back and forth between her and Julian's POV. This was excellent. A delightful read that showcases the beauty and the power of love. 5 enthusiastic stars and two hearty thumbs up!!!!

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