Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review: The Raven King

The Raven King The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This just about sums it up – how this feels to me:

He was a book, and he was holding his final pages, and he wanted to get to the end to find out how it went, and he didn't want it to be over.

I have seen a lot of reviews for The Raven King and many of them are disappointed fans – I didn’t get that feeling. Maybe it was because I read the series from start to finish in a matter of days so that all of it was so very fresh in my mind when I got to the final instalment. Maybe it was also because I didn’t expect the demon to be that overtly threatening.

C’mon, let’s face it, Piper Greenmantle was something terrifying in her own right before the Unmaker decided to favour her, she was probably one of the antagonists that seemed the most despicable in my books. LOOK WHO SPAWNED HER!!!!! The man who kidnapped poor Henry Cheng (I have a terrible soft spot for him now, you have no idea!) when he was an itty bitty child because of his robo bee. Niall Lynch, you asshole! *coughs*

So, let’s get to this then…

Adam & Ronan

Adam smiled cheerily. Ronan would start wars and burn cities for that true smile, elastic and amiable.

Oh no, no, NO! That’s not all!!!!

When Adam kissed him, it was every mile per hour Ronan had ever gone over the speed limit. It was every window-down, goose-bumps-on-skin, teeth-chattering-cold night drive. It was Adam’s ribs under Ronan’s hands and Adam’s mouth on his mouth, again and again and again. It was stubble on his lips and Ronan having to stop, to get his breath, to restart his heart. They were both hungry animals, but Adam had been starving for far longer.

I do... I just have a lot of feelings! So, soooooooo many feelings!!!! This is what I was waiting for - this confirmation of love from Adam and Ronan, this confirmation of need and attraction. We knew Ronan loved Adam for so long, to know the state of how deeply he felt:

His feelings for Adam were an oil spill; he'd let them overflow and now there wasn't a damn place in the ocean that wouldn't catch fire if he dropped a match.

HE BURNS FOR HIM!!!! That my friends is so damn fiery, passionate lust! And yes, it is a FOREVER love and that is all that I ever wanted for them!

Blue & Gansey

There’s going to be life after he dies. You have to think about what you’re going to do after.

Life after... Life after he dies... Sometimes word choices are excellent, and Maggie Stiefvater does an amazing job of choosing her words throughout this series. Blue and Gansey are fated since the first time we see his spirit on the Corpse Road, but they aren't just fated for her to watch him die and to bring about his end with a kiss. Oh no, they are fated for more - so much more!

This one is it - this one ends with all the feelings, it ends with all the hopes and it leaves a door open that this may not be the very last time that we see Gansey and his magicians. That's what I'm hoping! Somewhere down the road, there's something else that ties them all together again. That is a day that I will dream of...

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Review: Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Blue Lily, Lily Blue Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes, we're almost there, almost at the end and yes I am DREADING IT!!!!!

“What do we do now?" Gansey asked.
From the other room, Calla bellowed, "GO BUY US PIZZA. WITH EXTRA CHEESE, RICHIE RICH."
Blue said, "I think she's starting to like you.”

I've always liked Gansey, but then considering how gruff Calla can be, this really was a moment that couldn't be forgotten. Calla has always been gruff - in fact, that Mr. Gray is the one person she seems to truly like (especially because he's a hitman and can show her how to kill someone effectively, but again, I digress...) of the newest members of their little family. That's really what they've become over the last few books - a family. And now that family is about to be torn asunder by Colin Greenmantle and his ridiculous wife! I like Piper about as much as I liked Neeve, which is to say, not a whole heck of a lot.

It was possible that there were two gods in this church.

See Adam, see!!!! You are full of the Ronan love and admiration, I KNEW IT!!!!!

Watching Adam coming to grips with himself, who he is and what that means has been a beautiful thing. He hasn't quite gotten there yet, but he's a hell of a lot closer. If this series does not end with Adam and Ronan being happy and together I might crumble into a million little pieces!!

“Blue,” he warned, but his voice was chaotic. This close, his throat was scented with mint and wool sweater and vinyl car seat, and Gansey, just Gansey.

She said, “I just want to pretend. I want to pretend that I could.”

Yes, they are there... Pretty much. The only thing that's left is to be honest with everyone and to show the group that they are meant to be together. THIS SERIES IS KILLING ME!!!!!

Read it if you want your heart to just burst with all the potential and the love! Maggie Stiefvater has woven such an intricate tale full of romance, intrigue, and a lot less actual cursing than you would expect for YA fare. Maybe that has to do with the Scholastic publisher, maybe not, but I know that as it starts pouring in (because as the books go by, the curses do start to come) they don't feel senseless. They don't feel like just there for shock value. The context is there, the usage is correct and feels natural. Where the language does not turn "blue" and it is hinted at feels natural too. Masterful prose! This is quite the series and I'm just going to be lost when it ends...

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Review: The Dream Thieves

The Dream Thieves The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In that moment, Blue was a little in love with all of them. Their magic. Their quest. Their awfulness and strangeness. Her raven boys.

I am probably the worst person because I have devoured these books in the matter of a couple of weeks (with a few others throw in for good measure!) and I almost feel like every review may be coloured by that, by the fact that I am half way through the next (or finished the entire series) and I don't want that to happen, but it's going to be hard. I am a little enamoured by all of them, just like Blue is, and I am loathe to see the series end now the further we delve in to the magical mysteries of my favourite - Ronan.

And Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war.

Oh Ronan!

I want to throw my arms around him, wrap him bubble wrap and protect him from all the awful things that are coming their way. Can I tell you how happy I was that Ronan was really explored throughout this book? Adam is important, Gansey is important, Blue is important but Ronan... He was hidden in the shadows throughout the last book. We barely got to know him at all but we did get to know everyone else, this - THIS was Ronan's time to start shining! Or at least, be a little less in the dark than he already was.

Confirmation my friends comes in many different colours
(and shapes and nightmarish configurations like the night horror but I digress...) and this was a moment that I was waiting for.

She wore a dress Ronan thought looked like a lampshade. Whatever sort of lamp it belonged on, Gansey clearly wished he had one.
Ronan wasn't a fan of lamps.

Ronan, the precious snowflake is beyond gay and I AM HERE FOR IT!!!!!! Though Adam may be his other secret, the one that he holds so close to his heart, I am here to see where this is going to go. The only other person in the whole series who truly doesn't wholly know who he is and what he wants is Adam Parrish and I believe that boy is definitely going to realize he's feeling some serious love for Ronan. And while I want these two to be happy together, there's these other two...

'I wish you could be kissed, Jane,' he said. 'Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this.' He flailed an arm toward the stars.

Blue and Gansey have been dancing towards this for so, so long. After all this time, Blue is truly falling for Gansey and now I have to know - how will this all end? Will he ever be able to kiss her? Can they live without kissing? There is something so intimate about a kiss, and how could they possibly live without that? I don't want to colour this part either with what I know, but, just LOVE.

Read this book and be happy to live in the glory of Maggie Stiefvater's prose.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review: Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I need to process this before I share my thoughts ... But STELLAR!


I think I am finally able to process my thoughts on this book, and OMG I just... YES!!!!!!!!

I tried to read this book twice before. I honestly thought that I was going to give up on the hope that I would ever be able to read Throne of Glass because every time I picked it up something else would distract me. I don't just mean other books - I mean EVERYTHING! I always imagine that good story telling will pull me in from the very first page, and generally it does. This is not a weak story, it is not weak prose, but it didn't quite hook me right off the start the other two times I tried to read it. I don't know why, maybe it was that I hadn't experienced the beauty that is Sarah J. Maas's world building and character development, that is, until I finished reading A Court of Mist and Fury in all its glory and wondered how I was to survive without more of her glorious words for the next year waiting on the next instalment. It solidified the need in me to know the tale that would be spread before me here, and I am so very glad that it did!

Give me real men to fight. Then maybe I'll bother trying.

Celaena Sardothien is FIERCE and in control. Even when she was a prisoner in Endovier's salt mines she was in control, or as in control as she could possibly be. Who hasn't wanted a strong, fierce female assassin? Who hasn't wanted Cinderella to be something more than the belle of the ball? Celaena is both the beauty and the beast within. She is more regal and graceful and more lovely than any true high bred lady. She is also more dangerous and deadly than a viper. I am taken with the Celaena - I can't even describe how much I adore her strength and determination. She has her eyes on the prize - freedom - and yet she has time to entertain not only one potential love interest (who is the Crown Prince of Adarlan no less!!!!) but two!

Her doorknob clicked and her heart leapt into her throat. Was it time to finally sign her contract with the king? But it wasn't Dorian or Nehemia, not even a page. The world stopped when Chaol entered instead.

I don't honestly know who I want to see her with more! I felt the attraction to Chaol more than that to Dorian throughout the story, but I felt the pull of the love triangle and it is a heavenly triangle. Somehow, I think that it is not at all so neatly resolved as it appears by the end of the text. I'm relieved that Celaena seemed to feel this too.

I'm ready to find out just how she's going to fulfill the need of healing the people of the world, saving them like Elena told her she would. I know that Celaena is destined for great things and when I get finished devouring The Raven Cycle, I will continue along with her tales until I'm as caught up as all the rest of you!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Review: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My words are unerring tools of destruction, and I’ve come unequipped with the ability to disarm them.

I have seen so many people blogging about The Raven Cycle and I kept saying, oh I'll get to it... But now I am very glad that I have finally gotten to it! I have fallen in love with Ronan, Gansey, Blue, Adam and oh sweet Noah! I had always thought that they would be more on the youth side of YA, but Maggie Stiefvater's writing is fluid, suspenseful, alluring.

I have a thing for tortured souls, I know I do. I always seem to latch on to the one in a story that is the most downtrodden or the baddest good boy you can find and I think that easily explains why I have fallen in love with Ronan Lynch and want to wrap him up in blankets and protect him from all the terrible things in this world! Noah has, by the end of Raven Boys, essentially been protected and wrapped in the bubble wrap of the power of the ley line, and though you spend a lot of this book worried about Noah, I have to say that it's Ronan that has the most dramatic pull to me and I am very excited to see how Ronan develops.

Gansey and Blue have only to get together - their fate is kind of laid bare in the first chapter and since we've been told how this is going to end, I really just have to wonder how they get there. Adam, well Adam I didn't see that coming but he's still alive right? I mean, that's the best way to look at it he hasn't died (sobs Noah) to activate the ley line, he gave all of himself though. He gave himself away for the greater good of their goal to find the sleeping king, but Ronan... He's so closed off, and that declaration at the end! How did he do it????

I'm dying to know about Blue's father. I'm dying to know how Ronan pulled Chainsaw from his dreams... I'm dying to know where we go from here!!! I'm glad that all I have to do is pick up the next book!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: Girls Night

Girls Night Girls Night by Stef Ann Holm
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received my copy of this eBook in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Girls Night was a decent distraction, fairly quick and honestly predictable yet sweet at the same time.

Jillene McDermott is a young widow with two precocious matchmaking preteen daughters, a faithful dog, and the proud owner of her late husband's floundering coffee shop and a mountain of debt. Vince Tremonti is a True Crime Author who's come home to escape the feelings of guilt that are plaguing him about his current tale. How they come together - first by chance and then an impromptu dinner by the matchmaking daughters - was sweet, yet predictable in this Small Town Romance all about (like the series titles) a second chance. This, to me as a single mom, sounded like it was going to be a great read! I can't relate to the widow aspect, but I can relate to a mom who has to try to find a way to make ends meet sometimes eating PB&J as a staple and definitely trying to stretch every last penny. Unfortunately, I just couldn't relate to her children...

Can you tell me what preteen wants to share a bath? With their mother or otherwise? Cause I don't know of any. In fact, that was the age where I remember becoming more and more secretive and less willing to share anything myself. They all at once seemed too old and too young to be whom Stef Ann Holm was trying to portray them to be.

Actually everyone in this novel was kind of conflicting to me - they just didn't fit their ages, but then, I also had to take in to account that there was a lot going (romance wise) with the subplot of Al Tremonti (Vince's father) and Ianella Sofrone. Sometimes I think you could almost pick father for son and change the names and their impressions on life and the world around them would have been similar. I think this also comes from the year in the book. - 2002. Every pop culture reference was hugely dated! I think that was part of the downfall to the test of time for it.

Too much going on, too dated, characters whose behaviours were incongruous to their ages... I really wanted to love this, but the tale wound up being mediocre. The blurb in the back for the next in the series felt a little better, maybe I will check that one out and see if the characterization is improved. I'm not giving up on the author - I'm pretty sure I've read something else of her's and enjoyed it, this one just didn't hit the mark for me.

3 stars for a quick distraction that was cute regardless of its flaws.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Four Chambers

Four Chambers Four Chambers by Julie Wright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received my copy of this eBook in exchange for a fair and honest review.

This novel was ADORABLY sweet! In Four Chambers, Julie Wright delivers a story that will warm your heart, through and through. This book is part of the Power of the Matchmaker series, of which I have read one other offering Not Always Happenstance, in which Miss Pearl plays supernaturally talented matchmaker to her predestined couples spouting Chinese (and Swedish, etc...) proverbs on love and fate. This time it is Andra Stone and Everett Covington who will be her challenging pair, though this one worked a little differently than I was expecting from the series, which made it a little less predictable in the end than I thought.

The story starts in Andra's final undergraduate year at Boston College, in fact it starts as she has decided to spray paint 'TOOL' across the pick up truck of her lying, cheating, now-ex boyfriend Greg with her best friend Janette trying to talk her down from her sleep deprived thoughts. Here is where we first meet Everett, as well. It was really sweet and I was thinking by the end of the 'First Chamber' that the aspiring heart surgeons were going to be an issue. Julie Wright had created characters that were so clearly attracted to each other, how could she possibly make this book last another couple of hundred pages???? Everett survived meeting her family, was loved by both her brother and her Grams (the only people who's opinions really mattered to her), and he was clearly perfect for her, where could there possibly be any point in going on any further? Enter the angst and conflict!!! I should have known better, because up until that moment they were too perfect and we had yet to see Miss Pearl at all!!

Believe it or not, we don't actually see Miss Pearl, or at least Andra doesn't see Miss Pearl until further along in the story. Everett is the first recipient of Miss Pearl's attentions but Andra is the one that really needs the convincing that she could have the career she wanted and the love that she craved and was denying with Everett. In fact it takes them a little more than a decade and four times where they had stumbled into each other's lives to finally get it right.

This book was a clean, sweet romance and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a quick diversion. The writing is clear and expressive, and really the only downfall is that the idea that the love she needed was right in front of her the whole time, she just didn't really realize it nor make room for it until the end was super predictable from the onset of the novel. 4 stars!

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Review: Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America's Gutsiest Troublemakers

Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America's Gutsiest Troublemakers Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America's Gutsiest Troublemakers by Nick Offerman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

EXCELLENT second foray into the world of book writing!

Nick Offerman (the delightful actor behind my favourite character of all time - Ron Swanson) proves once again through his offering Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America's Gutsiest Troublemakers that he is an all around beautiful human being, whilst suffering from the same foibles as us all. I must admit that as a Canuck, I am not completely familiar with all of the great American troublemakers that he presented, but I will admit that as an informal student of history and pop culture, it did make me wonder more about some of the people he included.

I will admit that I have never read Wendell Berry (a wrong that I will right very soon) and I have never read Michael Pollan (another wrong that I will right, I swear sir) but the delicious use of language and his vibrant enthusiasm for their works (one fiction, and one non-fiction) makes me curious to know more. I had a generalized high school knowledge of some of the leaders mentioned (George Washington, FDR, etc.) but I realize that some of the esteemed personages presented in this tome are worthy of a closer investigation. More people should be like Mr. Offerman, then the world would be a grander place indeed!

I particularly enjoyed the chapters on Yoko Ono and Conan O'Brien. One thing that struck close to home was that the vast majority of the men and women on his list were voracious readers! This is something that I aspire to, myself. There is no greater pleasure in the world than the many worlds that you can find inside the pages of a book.

My favourite quote (on Conan O'Brien)

He’s like if Tilda Swinton had a threesome baby with a Viking and a stork. He just wants to put on a hell of a show for us, a goal at which he succeeds with great regularity. The moral? "It’s always been shit."

If you love Nick Offerman, if you love Ron Swanson, even if you just love American History you should read this book for a charming rendition of a working man's inspirational heroes who are chock full of gumption.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Review: The Princess Saves Herself in This One

The Princess Saves Herself in This One The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was so powerful and so moving! I've followed the author on tumblr for a while, and am infinitely glad that I chose to read the words that she decided to let pour from her soul. The language is moving; you can feel everything! Several struck a chord with me, those showing the survivor and the fierce will to save oneself.

This was beautiful and moving, and YES the Princess does save herself in this one!

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Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Mist and Fury A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don't think you have any idea how excited I was for this book - I was counting down the days... Literally COUNTING DOWN EVERY LAST SECOND until I knew what was going to happen between Feyre and Rhysand. Oh, I loved A Court of Thorns and Roses, please don't get me wrong. In the beginning, I loved the Beauty and the Beast retelling I was seeing there - until it started reminding me of all the "bad" things about that story, but I'll get into that later.

Feyre's Journey

I was not a pet, not a doll, not an animal.
I was a survivor, and I was strong.
I would not be weak, or helpless again. I would not, could not be broken. Tamed.

Feyre transitioned from a captive, a victim in a ploy from the Spring Court to break the curse laid upon them by Amarantha to one of the strongest players in the forthcoming war. She brought all of the power inside herself from the seven High Lords and instead of shrinking and believing that it was something secondary and something foreign inside her, they became her powers. She shaped fire, water, air, light and darkness to her will. By the time the confrontation happens with Lucien near the stream, she's accepted that though she does have Tamlin's shape shifting powers, she doesn't need to take a form anything his, she can take whichever form appeals to her and it that she chose to show wings and talons to them, to show that she felt Rhysand's form was beautiful and appealing, it BROKE me. I think my heart melted into a puddle of goo when Feyre finally accepted how she felt about Rhys!!!!! We got to watch Feyre come in to herself, help heal herself after the emotional torture of being Under the Mountain, and then we got to see her fly free. We got to see her glow, like a star and all because of one man...


"I have two kinds of nightmares: the ones where I'm again Amarantha's whore or my friends are... And the ones where I hear your neck snap and see the light leave your eyes."

"He locked you up because he knew - the bastard knew what a treasure you are. That you are worth more than land or gold or jewels. He knew, and wanted to keep you all to himself."

I had such a hard time choosing what quotes I really felt showed just how DAMNED MUCH HE LOVES AND RESPECTS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! The terrible evil High Lord of the Night Court wasn't so terrible at all. Hell, he was actually a great feminist and one of the most supportive, caring friends that anyone could ask for. I fell in love with the Night Court crew, and Velaris, the second I knew of them. I'd been somewhat in love with Rhysand since we first met him, in A Court of Thorns and Roses he wasn't shown to us the way we saw him here. That was only the beginning of Feyre's story, the beginning of her happy ending, so of course we barely knew him then. I thought from the moment we met Rhys at Calanmai that he was the one that she was meant to be with, but then I love a bad boy. Rhysand, however, is not a bad boy - not at all, not even a little bit. He's a fabulous actor, able to play the parts required of him, the mask of the cruel High Lord to the Court of Nightmares and when it is needed most, he proves that he can act with the best of them.


Do you really remember the story of Beauty and the Beast? I don't mean the ever propelled love story that Disney fed us as little girls, because there are also some horrible things about that one, but this story took that tale and brought it out in the open. It's not always wrong to love your captor, I didn't say that I didn't love Tamlin at first. A Court of Thorns and Roses really was Tamlin's part of the love story. I actually read this and realized, I don't think that this was ever meant to be a love triangle, not a true one anyways. You were meant to see the first novel through Feyre's eyes at the beginning; the prisoner who falls in love with her captor because he spins her a tale that pulls on her heartstrings. Tamlin plays the 'Oh woe is me!' card so very, very well. Feyre to him was a piece of property, something to possess. Feyre was never something that he could own, that anyone could own. He tried to make her a prisoner again, after they were back from Under the Mountain, he tried and for a while he succeeded, but they had both changed when they came back and then they could never fit together again.

As though he realized he was losing his grip on her, Tamlin became even more possessive and protective of Feyre. He stopped seeing her, but then, I have to wonder just how deeply he had ever seen her - he had always tried to suppress her freedom in attempts to "protect" her from the world around her.

Breathing became difficult.
I was trapped.
I was trapped inside this house. I might as well have been Under the Mountain; I might as well have been inside that cell again -

My heart wept Feyre. All she wanted to was to get out, he was smothering her. She was finally seeing that she had no true freedom, there was nothing truly for her in that manor and she was finally admitting it to herself.

This doesn't mean that Tamlin is a bad person - he's just not right for Feyre. He could never let her be fully equal to him, he could never do what Rhys did - she would never be the High Lady of the Spring Court, but she is the High Lady of the Night Court. She is a member of their ragtag crew, their family. I love everything that Feyre has gained and my heart hurts that Tamlin couldn't see that she wasn't his to control, that she wasn't his puppet but her own, beautiful person.

You mean I have to wait a YEAR to find out what happens now????

I don't know that I can survive it! I love this book, the writing, the beauty of it all! I may just need to devour the series again and I know that I am definitely going to be pushing Sarah J. Maas and her Throne of Glass series up on my reading list. Somehow it will have to help me survive the long year ahead!

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: January

January January by Audrey Carlan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Woah! This book is, more like a novella than a novel on its own but...

I don't know about you, but when I picked this up, I was looking for something quick to pass the time and I found something that I never wanted to put down. Yes, it was a quick read, but I fell in love with Mia and this journey of self exploration that she's on for the next year that will change the way she looks at everything. And hey, who doesn't want to screw the hot sexy millionaire with a heart of gold?

January is the story of Mia and Wes. I have a feeling that Wes is going to be the story of Mia's year, from what I was reading between the lines. The dynamic between these two is off the charts - you can feel every word, and that's something that I like in an erotic romance. I read part of this book whilst working - please don't ask me how I learned to school my face and reactions to some of the dirtiest sentences, I really have no idea why that I can read with a straight face and yet something simple and sweetly romantic kills me and reduces me to squealing jelly! This book doesn't skimp on the development of both Mia and Wes' characters, even though their time together is short.

Mia is a headstrong, tough survivor. She wasn't a victim of what life had thrown in her path, she became the hero, spending little time thinking of how life had conspired to break her down when she going to have the chance to spend a glorious month in the company of a gorgeous man. Wes sounded like a dream from the start, born to money but also someone who was making money for himself. Someone who was incredibly close to their family (similar in a way to Mia) but who also had that idyllic relationship with his parents where there is mutual love and respect. There may be mutual love, but I don't think Mia's dad totally respects her - and I definitely don't think her mother's love or respect was well shown.

There's such a deep connection between them that Mia shares everything with her client. I don't know about you, but I think that sets him up to be an important person in her life and her future, don't you? Not only did they form a deep bond, but the sex was hot. This whole book was HOTTTT! There's a market for quick, sensual, erotic romances with a real love story and damn it yes I will be in line to read a good romance no matter what!!!!!

The writing wasn't juvenile, it was adult and yet I thought that I was speaking with my own best friend while reading it. It hit the 20-30 age range it was hoping for. I guess I've read way too much smut fiction to have me blushing at the words used. We're straight forward and well written smut fiends nowadays, and this story earns an A++ from me! This one is definitely worth your time, I can't wait to see how Mia's year as an escort plays out!!!!

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