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Review: Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
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"Believe me, Celaena," he snarled, his eyes flashing, "I know you can look after yourself. But I worry because I care. Gods help me, I know I shouldn't, but I do. So I will always care what happens."

Gods help me, Chaol, so will I!

This book broke me in so, so many ways! There is so much here that shows that this is not just the story of Celaena - Aelin - but it is the story of those who believe in freeing the world, even if it goes against everything that has been training and bred into you for your entire life. Crown of Midnight was about so much more than just Celaena winning her freedom it was about truth and consequences and that the ending should bring Chaol the answers to what, to who had truly been the King's Champion. Not just Adarlan's Assassin, but something so much more dangerous which means that Sarah J. Maas ended this book with the most perfect line where the truth hit home, made the most sense to hit and break and shatter a person in to so many bits that it left us all trying to pick ourselves up.

Chaol sank to his knees.

This was so important because the world had just broken around him. He had been loyal to King and country for so long that seeing the truth of the disgusting actions of the King - the truth - was going to break him. This was the moment that even though he continues to hope somewhere in the back of his mind, Chaol realizes that whatever there ever had been between him and the King's Champion was truly over. He knew that she wasn't going to be an enemy, even if he didn't want to admit it, but the love and adoration that they had shared… That was gone forever.

What's happening with Dorian, what's happening with everyone else is just as important but this book, this book was mainly about Celaena and Chaol to me and not just about their relationships with each other but the way the truth impacts their relationships with the world.

He pulled back, but didn't let her go. "Why are you crying?"

"Because," she whispered, her voice shaking, "you remind me of how the world ought to be. What the world can be."

This book brings us one of a multitude of betrayals, and as The Assassin's Blade proves they were not the first in a long line that have been dumped at the feet of Celaena Sardothian. It brings us love, it brings us passion, death, and it brings us the spark of a rebellion. The spark of a rebellion that has been hinted at since the beginning of the series, though this spark of rebellion that was being fanned by Nehemia Ytger, that knowing and wonderous beauty *gross sobbing*, doesn't ebb out and die - NO! That spark is going to grow… And it's moments like that above with Chaol where she sees the good, the honour of him and his actions and she sees what the world should be. What the world free of the markings of pain brought by that tyrant on the throne of Adarlan could be. It's a world that I hope she can create, cause that's what the whole series is about right? Freeing the world from the tyranny and corruption?

Sidebar - You know, it's so hard to write reviews for things you've read in the past for this reason… You KNOW where it's going, you can think of so many wonderful quotes to prove points and yet they don’t come from this one they come from Heir of Fire or they come from Queen of Shadows and you just want to drop them all along the page to prove your point but you can't because OMG…

That these betrayals break her… Well, that's an understatement! I had been all for Chaol and Celaena from the very beginning. The attraction with Dorian was good, but it was something else. There was some other kind of bond between them right from the start. Chaol though.. He was what she needed in that moment. That strength and solidarity, the stability that she needed after Endovier and she found that in the Captain of the Guard. So when Nehemia dies…

She stared at him, panting through gritted teeth, her breath coming quicker and quicker before she roared, the sound filling the room, his blood, his world: "You will never be my friend. You will always be my enemy."

That she cannot forgive what he knows, at least not in that moment is not surprising in the least. There is so much I want for Chaol but I think this was the moment that told us there was something better, something deeper for Celaena Aelin . It doesn't mean that the heartbreak that she feels in that moment, losing her best friend the way she had…

Gods how she even managed to come back from that! I don't… I don’t even know, because it was so hard for her to make friends up until that point and then to lose her best friend… Even if that friend had manipulated the situation so that it would spark her into action, spark her into taking up her mantle as the rightful Queen of Terrasen and that she needed to fight back… They've awoken the monster, and they will pay the price. The first is Archer Finn and believe me, for everything… He pays the price.

Hell hath no fury…

Oh yes, you woke the monster and, she will not be afraid!

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