Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: January

January January by Audrey Carlan
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Woah! This book is, more like a novella than a novel on its own but...

I don't know about you, but when I picked this up, I was looking for something quick to pass the time and I found something that I never wanted to put down. Yes, it was a quick read, but I fell in love with Mia and this journey of self exploration that she's on for the next year that will change the way she looks at everything. And hey, who doesn't want to screw the hot sexy millionaire with a heart of gold?

January is the story of Mia and Wes. I have a feeling that Wes is going to be the story of Mia's year, from what I was reading between the lines. The dynamic between these two is off the charts - you can feel every word, and that's something that I like in an erotic romance. I read part of this book whilst working - please don't ask me how I learned to school my face and reactions to some of the dirtiest sentences, I really have no idea why that I can read with a straight face and yet something simple and sweetly romantic kills me and reduces me to squealing jelly! This book doesn't skimp on the development of both Mia and Wes' characters, even though their time together is short.

Mia is a headstrong, tough survivor. She wasn't a victim of what life had thrown in her path, she became the hero, spending little time thinking of how life had conspired to break her down when she going to have the chance to spend a glorious month in the company of a gorgeous man. Wes sounded like a dream from the start, born to money but also someone who was making money for himself. Someone who was incredibly close to their family (similar in a way to Mia) but who also had that idyllic relationship with his parents where there is mutual love and respect. There may be mutual love, but I don't think Mia's dad totally respects her - and I definitely don't think her mother's love or respect was well shown.

There's such a deep connection between them that Mia shares everything with her client. I don't know about you, but I think that sets him up to be an important person in her life and her future, don't you? Not only did they form a deep bond, but the sex was hot. This whole book was HOTTTT! There's a market for quick, sensual, erotic romances with a real love story and damn it yes I will be in line to read a good romance no matter what!!!!!

The writing wasn't juvenile, it was adult and yet I thought that I was speaking with my own best friend while reading it. It hit the 20-30 age range it was hoping for. I guess I've read way too much smut fiction to have me blushing at the words used. We're straight forward and well written smut fiends nowadays, and this story earns an A++ from me! This one is definitely worth your time, I can't wait to see how Mia's year as an escort plays out!!!!

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