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Review: Heir of Fire

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas
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"You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love"

This is what I wanted to scream in my review of Crown of Midnight! This truth tea that precious cinnamon roll Dorian Havillard spilled all over Chaol. You cannot pick and choose what you love about someone, that isn't an option. When you love someone, truly love them, you love them despite the things that you do not/cannot accept.

Oh Chaol, you should have just listened to your friend - to your King before it was almost too late!

Yes, before reading this book I was a Chaolana shipper - but I fell in love with that buzzard Rowan right along with Aelin - and it will be glorious!!!

This is the relationship that I was waiting for her to have - the relationship that I have to say I have come to expect from Sarah J. Maas because of how beautifully she gave us Feyre & Rhysand or Cassian & Nesta if she ever decides to yank her head from her ass and stop being such a newly made Fae baby. Yes, I know they haven't got there yet… but Rowaelin is my new ship of dreams!

Their hands clasped between them, he whispered into her ear, "I claim you, too, Aelin Galathynius."

I am a sucker for a man that is there not to just play those gender associated games of protect the damsel, but to empower her and have her feel that equality - that partnership. Rhys does it for Feyre, are any of you surprised that Aelin has now found it Rowan? I'm not.

This book is about acceptance. This was about Aelin accepting herself, who she really is and that things can be beyond her control. The pain and guilt that she carries at the deaths of those she loved - her parents, Nehemia, her people - that she hasn't been able to deal with. She needed this, to see and feel and deal with the other side of her heritage and the other side of herself - her magic - before she could come to terms with what she could and could not do.

The visions of the past, where you hear her father recounting that her dearest friends were the characters in books because others were afraid of her and the power that dwelled within her… Heir of Fire wrecked me when thinking of little Aelin and all that she had dealt with in her life. Only Aedion, whom we were coming to know through his interactions with Chaol, had been there for her. There was and always will be a bond between them that will run very deep and not because they are cousins, but because they understand each other. They understand what it is like to hold even the tiniest shards of immortal power in their blood and to know that others react out of fear rather than attempted understanding. When they finally see each other again… I can't even continue on that thread because I know how it was and I … *gross sobbing*

Manon & Abraxos

HOLY HANNAH! I can't even deal with Manon, with Abraxos and that he is teaching her that she does have a heart. That that Crochan witch her grandmother made her kill spilling truth tea all over the floor before her death.

Manon, they made you in to monsters - I can't wait until you accept that you are not what they made you to be.

Abraxos - you beautiful baby wyvern who is so protective of his rider, his Manon. I can't wait to watch you fly to glory!

This book brought me so much in the feels department - so, so much! I will continue to torture myself over and over again until Aelin burns down the whole fucking world.

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