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Review: Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
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I LOVED this! I was always a great fan of mythology when I was growing up, though I must say that I stayed usually in the bounds of the more known and comfortable Greek and Roman Gods, but even I noticed some stories here that I knew. Or at least stories that I recognized. Norse mythology is something that is vaguer and less well known in may cases as the information hasn't been written down and passed down through millennia of lore. The only story I truly knew, or knew a version of, was The Master Builder in which the sun, moon and Freya's hand in marriage are promised to a builder who could construct a wall for the gods in one season.

Most of what the current generation knows of Norse mythology is what is given to us by, and c'mon you know I'm right here,

And while what they give us of Thor, Odin and (to an extent) Loki is wonderful and somewhat based in the few remaining tales known to us from civilizations past, this man:

While he may be wonderful...

Is not what Thor was originally intended to be.

I think that's partially why it's so beautiful that Neil Gaiman decided to dip his hand into Norse mythology and show use more how the gods were originally portrayed. Read here about Thor, Odin the all father, and Loki his blood brother whom they hated and yet loved in a complicated manner. I think I'd like to see more about the gods that have been left untouched, you have such a beautiful and lyrical mind Mr. Gaiman, I think you could create a world to rival that of what is told by the actual myths that have been handed down!

Neil Gaiman always inspires me, and this is not his first foray into the landscape of Norse mythology. If you enjoy this one, I recommend Odd and the Frost Giants afterwards - classed as a children's offering but still a beautifully inspired tale in its own right. Five enthusiastic stars, and two thumbs up for Norse Mythology!

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