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Review: The Viscount of Maisons-Laffitte

The Viscount of Maisons-Laffitte The Viscount of Maisons-Laffitte by Jennie Goutet
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received my copy of the eBook in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I really like this one a lot! There was more going on here than just a romance - and it wasn't that it was a thriller, because it wasn't quite a thriller to me - it was more of a romance. There was just more plot to it than the usual thriller romance. Some of the most poignant moments occurred when the stakes were at their highest in the case of the drug ring/stolen paintings.

I really loved how these two came together. Charles and Chastity (though I hated her name, but that's neither here nor there) are first placed in each others' paths as Chastity is the English teacher at his son's school. She thinks that perhaps his son Louis could be doing drugs (he is, but that is merely a side plot) and tries to get him more involved in his son's life.

Charles has a hard time connecting with his son though, he doesn't know how to take interest into his life that isn't intrusive like he had felt his parents had been with his life. He also cannot disconnect his thoughts of his lost wife and the son who came into the world as she left it. There was so much I really loved about this, but the fact that he was not only someone who was considered an aristocrat but also someone who was gainfully employed, a neurosurgeon who helps others (children no less!) and regardless of his pain has so much love to give.

I love that Chastity really had to evaluate the father of her son Tommy's return to her life and had to decide whether she could ever go back to being with him when he was so clearly trying to make that happen. I have a hard time reading relationships like this because I recognize my own vulnerability in this. I have been in that situation before, where my child's father was trying to manipulate me into a relationship because of what he wanted not what was best for me or my child. I think that was part of my ability to be able to pickout who the bad guy was. Like Tommy, I was angry and hurt. I spend may days angry and hurt on behalf of my own child, that I was happy that Chastity found what she needed in Charles in the end. I think if Tommy had not been injured she may not have found that, and that would be a shame!

Again, I really liked this one. four stars only because the ending felt rushed. I would have loved to see some kind of an epilogue where we got to see Charles and Chastity happy and their newly melded family. Excellent!

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