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Review: Shadows on Snow

Shadows on Snow Shadows on Snow by Starla Huchton
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When I was a child, my godmother told me stories before I fell asleep every night. She once said stories are more than the sum of their parts - they are whispers from ancient powers that dwell within the earth, travelling from ear to ear until they reach their intended destination. They are calls to action, meant to send the chosen on journeys of great importance. Truth may be lost through retellings, but when the person they are meant for hears the story, no matter how diluted, they will know this truth as certain as they know the air they breathe.

I found this book quite by accident, and I have to tell you that I am ABSOLUTELY overjoyed that I did!

I love fairy tales. I grew up on them, they fed my little creative soul and (probably to the detriment of them and several British television programs *I'm looking at YOU BBC*) have spoiled me for every potentially regular love affair. I think I will forever be looking for my Prince Charming, ever since first hearing Snow White and Cinderella, or maybe it would be better understood by any Doctor Who fans as I'm looking for my Rory Williams. This is a story WORTHY of the Ponds!

Have you ever seen a gender bent fairy tale that meets every criteria of a KICK ASS heroine and a kind, gentle, and genuinely good person for the hero? No, me neither, at least not until I found Shadows on Snow! The seven Princesses of Bern (I see what you did there Starla Huchton!) decided to be kick ass protectors and do something, ANYTHING, when they learned that the dastardly King Alder had wed Prince Leopold's mother and was trying to take over yet ANOTHER kingdom through the vile act of murder. Raelynn and her sisters decide that this is the time, they will fight back and not let another Queen fall victim to his treachery. Rae is an absolutely amazing Princess Charming. She is a kick ass female worthy of being in leagues with Amy Pond herself!!!!

"Know this. I killed two before putting arrows into a third that day. If you so much as speak ill of Prince Leopold, I'll have your tongues as trophies."

You bet sister, you are fucking AWESOME! In fact, every last one of the Princesses of Bern meet the fucking AWESOME criteria for me. I want to know if they turn up anywhere else in their own tales... Maybe they could have love after all too? Just a thought... I'd love to hear about when the girls were younger and what their lives were like in Bern before King Alder was around to torment them.

If you remember Snow White at all, *SPOILER ALERT*, you know that the Prince wakes Snow from the sleeping curse with True Love's kiss. I don't think any true love's kiss could be quite so dramatic as this one:

"Whatever power I have, let me give it that he might live."

My words drifted in the silence of the throne room. Slowly, I lowered my lips to his, pouring every hope, every desire, every plea within my heart into a single kiss. I would give it all - body, breath and soul - to see his smile one last time.

A gasp. An explosion of color. A vortex of power so strong that I clung to him for fear I might be ripped away from the one I'd sworn to protect. I refused to relinquish my hold. Nothing would take him from me. Nothing.

If you love fairy tales, if you love Snow White and you love KICK ASS women characters... Read this book. Read this book and then pick up the next volume in the Flipped Fairytales Series. You will not be disappointed if you do. Best money you will spend - by far. / - Just to make it easier for you to get!!!!

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