Friday, June 16, 2017

Review: Air Awakens

Air Awakens Air Awakens by Elise Kova
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

I promised to review this the day I finished it (I promise myself lots of things, but following through can sometimes be so very hard!) and yet, here I am after listening to the audiobook (PLEASE SAY THERE WILL BE AUDIO OF THE REST OF THE SERIES TOO!!!!) for a second time through this magical series opening and vowing to myself that I need to keep into the rest of this series because I MUST KNOW HOW THIS ENDS!
I think I love this book even more the second time through, which is saying a lot because I really loved it the first time around, so, shocking I know!

Rarely do I find a story where the MC is as compelling as Vhalla Yarl was to me. There’s always something about a woman who starts as, not nothing, but not what she could be – no anywhere near as strong as she could be. Everything Vhalla knows about her world, all the comfort that she feels within the safety and security as she yearns for knowledge… Vhalla could be anyone at the start of the story, any woman, becoming the hero that she needs to be for herself and for the world around her once she was awakened to all the possibilities. I love strong women, women who can be fierce and vulnerable, without apologizing for their ability to be vulnerable. Vhalla is all of that and so much more!
A sorcerer with battle scars, dead friends, and blood on her hands occupied the mirror.

Ok so, spoiler or no... THIS IS MY FUCKING GIRL RIGHT HERE! She's determined she's going to make them see what they did was wrong, what they continue to do is wrong, and that she is a person just like anyone else and I will be right here prepared to defend her to MY DEATH.

Vhalla is bookworm, working as an apprentice in the Palace Library. She often will read when she should be doing other duties in the library and she never lets the title of a book dissuade her from reading it. She is thirsty for knowledge, and the library allows her to drink her fill day and night. When we open the book, there is a storm raging outside and the return of a prince of the realm during said storm from the battlefield... injured, mortally so. This is how Vhalla becomes fully awakened... well, as fully as she can be before (view spoiler), but I digress...

Vhalla's magical abilities bind her to the prince she saved in the library, the man in black, the Fire Lord - Prince Aldrick - and there is no way to fight the attraction that grows between them from then on. The idea that like calls to like... I knew the moment I first read those notes from her phantom that they were going to be the couple to root for - the epic love story to end all others in the tale - and I was right!

Because you are the sorcerer to whom I am Bonded. A bond can never be broken, and it can never be replaced.

Every obstacle thrown in their way... I gotta tell you, this is one roller coaster ride of a series opener and I need to know more!
They were sending her to war, so she would go and become something they had every right to fear.

And I must know how it ends! On to Fire Falling right after I finish a couple of other indie marvels!

Five enthusiastic stars and two thumbs up!

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